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A Second Look at the Stained Glass Windows

Our stained glass windows soar on each side of the altar,

but what story do they tell?

The Trinity Window

The Trinity window faces West or is on your left as you worship.

Top right: The Luther Seal

The Luther Seal was adopted by Martin Luther as his Coat of Arms and expression of his trust in God

Top left: A Hand

The hand symbolizes the creative hand of God, the Father

Center Section: Cross and the Sun

The cross and the sun symbolize the sacrifice of Jesus, the Son, and the Light of the World

Bottom Left: The Dove

The dove symbolizes Peace and the Holy Spirit "descending as a dove" on Jesus at His baptism

Bottom Right: The Nativity

The Means of Grace Window

The Means of Grace window faces North or is on your right as you worship.

Top Left: The Triple Cross

The triple cross is the official logo of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Top Right: Open Bible

The Bible, the inspired Word of God as recorded by the apostles and the prophets

Center Section - Left: Open Shell with 3 Droplets

The open shell symbolizes Baptism, our cleansing by water and the Word, by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (hence the 3 droplets)

Center Section - Right: Chalice and Loaf of Bread with Stalks of Wheat and Grapes.

These symbolize the forgiveness, life and salvation we have through the Body and Blood of our Savior, Jesus, in the Lord's Supper

Bottom Left: The Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus

Church Window - Right.jpg

The Colored Ribbons

The different colors represent the church's liturgical colors

White: Purity Completeness, and Joy

(Easter and Christmas)

Blue: Sky, Hope, Heaven, Waiting and Watching


Red: Power and Strength, Celebration, Festivals, Blood of Jesus, the Saints

(Pentecost and Reformation)

Green: Life, Growth, Grass

(Epiphany, the season after Pentecost)

Purple: Prayer, Repentance, Preparation


Black: Sin and Death

(Good Friday - the cross in Luther's Seal)

Gold: Heaven, Eternity

church ribbons.jpg

Fun Facts

The windows were created by Bob and Victoria Vogel at Stained Glass Studios in St. Peter, MN. Victoria ("Vicki") is a daughter of our congregation!

The windows were installed on December 7, 2015 and dedicated on January 17, 2016.

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