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Pastoral Support

The main function of a pastor is Word and Sacrament Ministry, but his involvement in the church goes far beyond that important work.

He is available to provide you with a safe and confidential space to express your concerns, doubts, and fears, offering empathy, understanding, and encouragement. He may also offer prayer, scripture readings, and spiritual practices as means of comfort and healing.


The pastor can help to guide you in navigating your spiritual journey, helping you to find meaning, hope, and resolution in times of difficulty or crisis.

Mt. Olive and the Watertown community is blessed to be served by Pastor Brad Birtell.

Discover the youth programs available at Mt Olive from Sunday School, VBS, Confirmation, and fun events!


Our Sunday School is an exciting place for ages pre-K through 8th Grade!  We have the blessed opportunity to share the Gospel with our children in a way that is understood and meaningful to them through music, stories and crafts.

We invite you to bring your child to Sunday School and learn about Jesus when you visit!

Our Sunday School kids also occasionally bless our worship service by singing special songs.

Some of Sunday School's favorite events are Ice Cream Sundaes on Palm Sunday, movie parties, and the Christmas program. 


We also get together for Vacation Bible School in the summer. Grades 4-8 also get together during the week through Midweek and Confirmation classes.

Please reach out to Brittany Luoma for more information about any of our youth programs.

Teens for Christ (TFC)

Teams for Christ (TFC) is our youth group for teens in grades 7 -12. TFC walks beside teens who have chosen to live their lives following Christ's example.

Teens for Christ do group events and get togethers like lock-ins They also bless our church by helping out with serving meals after Lent or Sunday School Christmas Service.  They also help with Vacation Bible School and help with yard clean up for people in our church and community needing extra help and hands.

Our teens also look forward to attending the National Youth Gathering every three years. New Orleans, here we come! Our Mount Olive Lutheran church community enjoys supporting their journey through honey, advent calendars and other fundraisers.

Please reach out to Tammy Schamber or Paula Hulscher to find out more information or get involved!

Learn more about our Teens for Christ (TFC) group
Bible Study opportunies at Mt Olive Lutheran Church - Grow in faith together!

Adult Bible Classes

We currently offer 3 different times for Bible Study

Men - Wednesday 6:30 am

Women - Tuesdays 1:30 pm

Adult - Sundays 10:30 am

Our Bible Study groups are a great opportunity to explore the Bible and gain a better understanding of its teachings. It's also a great place to get to know us and what we believe without a lot of pressure. We provide a warm and welcoming environment where people share their thoughts, ask questions, and grow in their faith.

We invite you to come as you are and join us in a reflective study of God's Word!

Steve describes the Men's Bible Study group in this way --

"We have been meeting each Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM for over 20 years.  We welcome all guys to come for fellowship and Bible Study.  We start each morning out with rolls or donuts, coffee and prayer.  Then move on to our study for the morning. We are currently finishing up on a study of the Miracles of the Bible which started in January 2023.   We are not in a rush to get through our study but spend time looking at the verses and discussing the intent with the help of supports like the Lutheran Study Bible.  We take time to hear each guy's comments and insight.  Our study lasts until 7:30 AM so that people have time to get to work.  We enjoy our time together,  And yes, discussion does continue after we have closed with the Lord's Prayer.  Our next study will include 1 and 2 Thessalonians."

Special Interest groups get together in community

Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML)

LWML is an active group of women in our congregation!

As Lutheran Women in Mission, we joyfully proclaim Christ, support missions, and equip women to honor God by serving others. 


We meet on second Thursday of the month at church. These meetings include Bible study, a business meeting, mite donations and fellowship.


LWML also serves for various activities, has a weekly work day, and does various service opportunities in the community. It is intended that members may donate as much or as little time as works well for them and still be an active member.

For more information about LWML, please contact Sharon Falk.

p.s. If you're wondering how we get "LWML" from the name. Our group has historically been referred to as "Lutheran Women's Missionary League" - hence the LWML.

Faith and Care Families

Each family unit at Mt. Olive is assigned to a “Faith and Care” family. These groups give our members the opportunity to put their faith into action, and to care for one another. During the year, a Faith and Care Family is assigned to each month. We encourage the "family" to help by:

SUNDAY SERVICES: Serving as an ushers, acolytes, readers, greeters, and also servers during fellowship time.


FELLOWSHIP: Getting together to know each other better and work and plan together. 


CARE: There are some who will not be able to be directly involved in group activities, because of health reasons. Or perhaps they have responsibilities at home or work and are not able to get away. The Faith and Care group is encouraged to get in touch with everyone in the group at least once during the month they serve and discover any special needs which the group can help. 

For questions around our Faith and Care Families, please see Lori Fox.

Service groups allow Mt Olive members opportunities to put faith in action.

Dartball League

Fun and fellowship are a big part of Dartball League!


What is Dartball? The rules are much like regular baseball, but use large wooden darts thrown underhand at a large dartboard. 


Our team gathers for practice and fellowship once a week from January to March.  In mid-February, we travel to Brookings to practice against a couple of other teams before the State Tournament. 


The State Tournament is held in early March with around 15 teams from fellow LCMS churches in South Dakota. All confirmed members are invited to join!

To join in the fun or questions, please contact Josh Conrad.

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