The current Board of Education is:

  1. The Board shall make recommendations to the Church Council regarding improvements, needs, and facilities for Christian education.
  2. The members of the Boars shall report at each Board meeting the activities of the group or organization the represent.
  3. The Board shall review annually the work of the Sunday School Superintendent, and make recommendation regarding dismissal or reappointment.
  4. The Board shall promote and oversee all Christian educational and growth activities in the congregation for all ages and in all agencies an auxiliaries. This shall include (but not be limited to) the confirmation and midweek classes, Sunday School, Adult and Youth Bible study groups, the Bible study groups of various congregational agencies and auxiliaries, Vacation Bible School, and Christian literature and periodicals.
    1. The Board shall review and approve curricula used in conformation and midweek classes, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Bible Study. They shall recommend topic choices and study courses fro Bible Classes, taking into consideration the expressed needs of the congregation and planned programs of the congregation.
    2. The Board shall strive for the involvement of all members of the congregation in Christian education and growth.
  5. The Sunday School shall be under the direction of the Sunday School Superintendent, and is defines as the Sunday morning Christian education activities for children from nursery through Junior High age.
  6. The Sunday School and Vacation Bible School superintendents shall recommend to he Board the appointment of teachers.
  7. The Board shall appoint to relieve teachers, taking into consideration the recommendation of the superintendents.
  8. The Board shall assist the superintendents in the recruitment of staff.